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Best beach in Penzance

Visiting a seaside town often calls for a swim in the ocean. Here are some of our favourite beaches and swim spots in and around Penance.

Swim in Mount’s Bay and chill at one of the many beaches and swim spots, looking out over the coastline, the beautiful ocean and the famous St Micheals Mount.

Long Rock

Promenade between Penzance and Long Rock

A sandy beach stretches from all along the coast path from Penzance train station and harbour to Marazion. Like many other beaches in Cornwall, it is tide dependent. On a low tide, the sandy beach is vast, and some of it completely disappears during high tide. Walk along the coast path or the shore until you find your perfect spot!

Dogs are allowed on the stretch from Penzance to Long Rock.


Battery Rocks

Battery Rocks is not a beach but a popular swim spot for locals and tourists. Walk behind the famous Jubilee Pool, and swim off the rocks. There are two stairs with rails, but access can still be rocky and tricky depending on the tide.

Year-round, you’ll find early-morning swimmers taking their daily plunge and dedicated swimmers making their way to Newlyn and back.


Battery Rocks in Penzance.

Wherry Town

Rocky beach in Wherry Town. Follow the Penzance promenade towards Newlyn. It almost entirely disappears during high tide, when you instead can get in from the seaside walls.

During spring and summer, look at one of the seasonal food trucks on the promenade for an after-swim nibble or drink.


Marazion Beach

The beach in Marazion.

Continue from Long Rock to Marazion, and you’ll find the very popular sandy beach next to the famous St Micheals Mount.

Lifeguarded during summer but can get very crowded.



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