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We strive to make our guesthouse and business as sustainable as possible.

EasyPZ Stay is a Plastic Free Business Champion, an award given by Plastic Free Penzance, part of an initiative set up by Surfers Against Sewage to reduce plastic consumption. 

Did you know that Penzance was the first community in the UK awarded SAS Plastic Free Community Status 2018?

Being a plastic-free business champion means that we have reduced our single-use plastic within our organisation.


  • A lot of our furniture is hand-made and built in England. We try to up-cycle and reuse, as well as support local businesses.
  • Eco-friendly shower products from FAITH are bought in large containers and refilled into small bottles.
  • We try to buy our cleaning products in big containers to reduce our use of plastic bottles. We use these big bulks to refill our own reusable bottles.
  • Milk is provided in glass bottles from the local shop Thornes Fruit and Vegetable shop. We also buy our fruit from here.
  • We have sandwich packages and baking paper made from recycled paper in the kitchen for our guests to use.
  • Coffee and tea are in the kitchen instead of our guest’s rooms, to reduce the use of single packages of coffee.
  • We have a big recycle bin in the kitchen that we ask our guests to use.
  • We also believe that giving our guests access to kitchen facilities reduces their need for single-use plastic: if you make your own lunch in the morning you don’t need to panic-buy a lunch sandwich wrapped in plastic!


  • Bring reusable water bottles (our tap water is great for drinking!)
  • Turn off the light in their rooms, the TV and reuse their towels.
  • Bring their litter from the beach, coastal paths and nature.

During 2024 we are:

  • Looking at how much plastic is being used in other parts of the business and how we can reduce our use of plastic.
  • Trying to get more products sourced locally, such as conserves and honey.
  • Investing in solar panels for more sustainable energy.

If you are interested to learn more about sustainability in the region, have a look at Plastic Free Penzance.