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Walking the Cornwall coast

Sign for the sw coastpath in Cornwall.

Cornwall is perfect for hikers, as there are many stunning hiking trails. These are some of our favourite walks along Cornwall’s coast.

The southwest coast path stretches from Minehead in Somerset along Devon and Cornwall’s coastline until Poole Harbour in Dorset. The path is around 630 miles, and walking the entire trek takes seven to eight weeks.

The path goes through Penzance, and many walkers visit all year long no matter the weather but please consider the weather before starting your walk. Penzance is an excellent location if you want to walk parts of the coastal path, as it is the communication hub in Western Cornwall. We are five minutes walk from the train- and bus station that serves the entire southwest coast.

Best day hikes from Penzance

There are plenty of choices for almost every walker, from easy to advanced. Here are some of our favourite hikes.

The harbour at the village Mousehole.
The harbour at the village Mousehole.

Penzance to Lamorna

Walk through Penzance to the fishing village of Newlyn and onto to Mousehole then follow the sign posted coastal footpath to Lamorna. This is where the path gets trickier. You can choose to walk along the coast or through beautiful farmland. Or follow the footpath through the farmland towards Lamorna.

The distance from Penzance to Lamorna is around 11 miles (18 km). If you walk back to Mousehole, it is an additional 2,5 miles (around 3 km). Have a look at this map if you are unsure about the route.


View from the Minack over Porthcurno in Cornwall.
View from the Minack over Porthcurno in Cornwall.

Sennen to Lamorna

The route Sennen to Lamorna is perfect for those wishing to experience England’s most southwesterly point at Land’s End. It is a challenging hike, especially around Porthcurno, with hills, and sometimes the path follows close to the edge (not for those afraid of heights!). The landscape is beautiful and changes along the walk. It is one of our favourite hikes in the area.

If you have a bit of extra time, make sure to stop off at the Minack which is a famous open air theatre in Porthcurno.

Also popular for birdwatchers, dolphin sightings often happen along the stretch between Sennen and Porthcurno. And lots of seals! Perfect for those interested in wildlife, as the path goes along areas of outstanding beauty.

The route is 11.7 miles (18.8 km).

Buses go to and from Sennen and to and from Porthcurno and Lamorna. Look at the bus table before you leave, as their times change seasonally. If you want to walk only part of the distance, hop on a Porthcurno bus instead of walking to Lamorna.

The coastpath goes through old mining country.
The coastpath goes through old mining country.

St. Just to St Ives

If you are interested in old mining history, the area around Botallack is a must! Here, mines and other ruins are part of the landscape. Start your walk at St Just, and take in the stunning views from Cape Cornwall. Continue towards Botallack, and if you have time, look at the exhibition centre at Botallack or the one at Geever Tin Mine.

It is a moderate to difficult hike with some rocky and hilly sections, and the route is around 18 miles ( 29 km).

Continue to St Ives, passing Zennor’s stunning cliff-top views. End in St Ives, and maybe take a drink or a bite to eat before heading back to Penzance. The train and the bus often go from St Ives to Penzance.

Important to think about before heading out

  • Always check the weather reports before setting out. This area of Cornwall is exposed; strong winds and rainfall can make the path difficult and even dangerous. Always follow advice from the coast guard (make sure to have their number with you!).
  • Bring plenty of water, food and snacks, sunscreen, and protection against the weather.
  • Take care of your surroundings. If you are lucky to experience wildlife, be careful and do not disturb animals. Leave nothing but footsteps – do not leave your litter; bring it with you.

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